Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Unsung Hero: ‘Bama/Florida QB Comparison

The similarities between Alabama and Florida in respect to rushing and overall defense have been well established. However, with all the chatter concerning “steel versus steel,” quarterback play could be the “quiet” deciding factor that has been lost in the shuffle.

In the same fashion that Alabama and Florida share virtually identical numbers when it comes to running the football and defense, both teams share similar statistics when it comes to quarterback performance.

**Click on the chart if resolution is not adequate.**

If four games worth of statistics (offensive/defensive stronghold) live up to the hype, expect unforced errors, special teams play, and quarterback efficiency to become critical factors in the game.

John Brantley and A.J. McCarron find themselves “flying under the radar” entering the contest in Gainesville, but when the smoke clears, expect one quarterback to be called an “unsung hero” in the Sunday paper.

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