Thursday, December 4, 2014

No. 1 Alabama prepares to face final SEC hurdle

Although I haven't done the best job in the world in terms of updating the blog and providing weekly commentary, as promised in the format change earlier this fall, I've certainly been watching Alabama run the SEC maze with the rest of you.

While the College Football Playoff system, most notably the committee, has been just as confusing, if not more so, than the BCS ever was, 'Bama is one win away from being able to compete for the national title.

In respect to the SEC championship game, the Missouri Tigers are the Florida State of the SEC. Regardless of how they play, the Tigers seem to find a way to have more points at the end of the game. Are they a good team? I don't think anyone really knows to be quite honest.

After losing to Indiana and then being blanked by Georgia to the tune of 34-0, logic would suggest that Mizzou is a much better team since those two setbacks took place, but again...who really knows?

The SEC East is a bad division. No polite way to put it. So, having said all of the above, the Crimson Tide need to prepare for a battle. When facing the unknown, prepare for the worst. Or in this case, Mizzou's best game.

Taking it one game at a time is quite the old cliche, but things often become cliche courtesy of truth. If Alabama wants to be one of the final four, they need to be first on Saturday.