Saturday, December 29, 2012

Barrett Jones remains a spectator at Tide practice

In just over one week Alabama will face Notre Dame in the BCS national championship game. What’s the contextual translation? Alabama center Barrett Jones has just over one week to get healthy.

Jones, who suffered an injury to his left foot during the early stages of the SEC championship game, has been relegated to a stationary bike while his teammates prepare for the Fighting Irish.

Although Jones did play through his foot ailment for essentially three quarters against Georgia, his lack of recovery during Alabama’s “down period,” coupled with his lack of practice participation, certainly indicates the injury is significant.

When Alabama returned to the practice field in mid December, Nick Saban announced that Jones would miss the first five practice sessions and would likely return when the Crimson Tide resumed practice after Christmas break. Well, Christmas has come and gone, ‘Bama is back on the practice field, but Jones continues to pedal the aforementioned stationary bike.

In Jones’ absence, redshirt freshman Ryan Kelly has worked with the first-team offense at the center position. Kelly, a three-star prospect in the class of 2011, will have to be “game ready” to compete against the top-ranked Irish given the current status of Jones.

In an ideal situation, Alabama’s most versatile offensive lineman would return to practice next week and play in the national title game with no ill effects, but right now, that scenario appears unlikely. Having said that, time will provide the definitive answer, because Alabama will arrive in Miami in just over 96 hours.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Brandon Hill reaffirms verbal commitment to ‘Bama

Offensive tackle Brandon Hill, originally a member of Alabama’s 2012 signing class, has recommitted to the Crimson Tide following a stay at Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia.

Hill, who failed to qualify academically at Alabama in the fall of 2012, enrolled at the aforementioned prep school and subsequently re-opened his college recruitment.

In November, Hill gave his verbal to Hugh Freeze and the Ole Miss Rebels, but reports began to surface on Dec. 25 that Hill would honor his original commitment to the University of Alabama and enroll in January.

With his verbal pledge to the Tide, Hill becomes the 21st commitment in respect to Alabama’s 2013 signing class.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Robert Foster gives verbal to Alabama

Central Valley High School (Monaca, PA) wide receiver Robert Foster has given his verbal commitment to the University of Alabama for 2013.

Foster, who stands 6-foot-3 and tops the scale at 170-pounds, selected the Crimson Tide over the in-state Pittsburgh Panthers.

Listed as a four-star prospect per, Foster is regarded as the 10th best wide receiver in the 2013 national class, and the fourth-best prospect in the state of Pennsylvania.

With his pledge to the Crimson Tide, Foster becomes the 20th verbal commitment in respect to Alabama’s 2013 signing class.


-Robert Foster: Single-game highlights

Thursday, December 20, 2012

C.J. Mosley to return for senior season

Nick Saban met the media earlier today following Alabama's Thursday practice session, and provided reporters, as well as fans of the Crimson Tide, with some significant news in regards to the 2013 season.

C.J. Mosley, Alabama’s most decorated linebacker in respect to the current roster, and “arguably” the staple of the Crimson Tide defense, will return to Tuscaloosa in 2013 to complete his senior season on the gridiron.

Mosley’s decision to return to school comes only a week after quarterback AJ McCarron announced that he would also be returning for his senior campaign.

In respect to the 2012 season, Mosley leads the Crimson Tide with a total of 99 tackles, including four sacks and two interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Road to 15: Alabama begins title game prep

The Alabama football team has returned to the practice field, and preparations for the BCS national championship game are officially underway.

Although the initial practice sessions are dedicated to basic fundamentals as a way to “shake off the rust,” the team is most definitely back in action as the days draw closer to January 7.

As of now, the real story concerning the team is the injury and recovery status regarding a plethora of players. Center Barrett Jones, who suffered a foot injury against Georgia, a setback that was not disclosed until after the game, began the Monday practice session adorning a black non-contact jersey while riding a stationary bike. As for his left foot, it was casted from foot to mid-shin.

In his post-practice press conference Nick Saban said the action, in respect to Jones, was for precautionary measures, but also confirmed that Alabama’s most versatile lineman would be out of action until the Tide resume practice following the Christmas break. In terms of practice time, Jones will miss the first five sessions, yesterday being the initial session.

Other injury news

-Nose guard Jesse Williams wore a white protective wrap over his right knee, but did participate in drills. Williams injured the knee during the second half against Georgia.

-Safety Jarrick Williams, who suffered a torn ACL in August, returned to the field for the first time since the injury. Adorning a black non-contact jersey, Williams was in full-pads and participating in drills.

-Wide receiver Kenny Bell and running back Jalston Fowler rode the stationary bike during the Monday session. Bell continues to progress nicely after suffering a broken tibia against Auburn, and Fowler continues his lengthier road to recovery after sustaining a serious knee injury against Western Kentucky in the initial month of the season.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Crimson Notes 12/16/12

While Alabama football, in terms of on-field action, is in a major lull as fans eagerly await the national championship game, the program did make news this weekend in a variety of ways, for a variety of reasons.

Pruitt to Florida State

Jeremy Pruitt, one of Alabama’s leading recruiters and secondary coach, has agreed to become the new defensive coordinator at Florida State, per several media reports. Pruitt, who played at Alabama under head coach Gene Stallings, has climbed the coaching ladder in grand fashion.

Prior to his arrival at Alabama in 2007, Pruitt worked as an assistant coach under Rush Propst at Hoover High School and was featured prominently in the MTV series “Two-A-Days” which documented Hoover football.

Pruitt’s move to FSU was made possible when Mark Stoops left the program, and his position as defensive coordinator, to accept the head coaching job at Kentucky.

Cook gives verbal to ‘Bama

In recruiting news, Spanish Fort High School defensive back Jonathan Cook has given his verbal to Alabama for 2013. Cook, who had been verbally committed to Nebraska since August, “flipped” to the Tide after receiving a scholarship offer. Describing it as a “dream come true to play for Alabama,” Cook is expected to play a pivotal role in the Crimson Tide secondary during his time at the Capstone.

Del Rio to walk-on in 2013

Luke Del Rio, son of NFL journeyman coach Jack Del Rio, has announced his intentions to join the Alabama football program as a walk-on. Del Rio, a three-star quarterback, recently broke his verbal commitment to Oklahoma State due in large measure to the departure of the OSU offensive coordinator.

One could easily regard Del Rio as a “steal” due to the fact he held, and still holds, various scholarship offers from major Division I programs.

Dial not suspended for controversial hit

Courtesy of an official ruling from the SEC, Alabama learned Friday that defensive lineman Quinton Dial would not be suspended for his controversial hit on Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray. Dial’s “action” will be handled internally, but in respect to a suspension, the conference felt that video footage of the hit in question did not warrant league appointed punishment.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The bow tie lives…McCarron will return in 2013

In an age where early departures for the NFL make headlines, Alabama fans can rejoice in a headline due to the contrary.

AJ McCarron, arguably the most gifted quarterback to play at the Capstone since the likes of Joe Namath and Kenny Stabler, has announced that he will return to the University of Alabama for his senior season.

Coupled with his undeniable skills at the quarterback position, mixed with a charismatic personality, McCarron has become the certifiable “face” of the current Alabama football team. One could easily draw the conclusion, especially in this era of social media, that McCarron is quite possibly the most popular and sought-after player in modern Crimson Tide history.

AJ McCarron adorns his signature bow tie
prior to an Alabama game

As the lone quarterback signed by Alabama in the class of 2009, AJ McCarron, the once heralded four-star prospect and current redshirt junior, will earn his undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama this Saturday.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lacy and Yeldon hold the “crystal” key for 'Bama

The Alabama Crimson Tide average 224 rushing yards per contest (20th in the nation) and that average is due in colossal measure to the output of junior Eddie Lacy, and true freshman T.J. Yeldon.

While it never hurts to run behind what is considered the best offensive line in the nation, both Lacy and Yeldon have shown their ability to make yards after contact and seemingly turn minimal gains into explosive plays.

In what has proven to be the ideal complement of talent, the success of Lacy and Yeldon has allowed the Alabama passing attack to flourish, which has given AJ McCarron the platform to showcase his skills. Both McCarron, and true freshman wide receiver Amari Cooper, have played “starring roles” in the Crimson Tide offense which has been “opened up” courtesy of a potent rushing attack.

While the Notre Dame Fighting Irish also possess a nice mix of run and pass, the prevailing consensus suggests that Alabama’s physicality on the ground is in a different “league” than that of the Irish. Couple that assumption with Alabama’s offensive line, and the postulation does form a more than plausible conclusion.

Similar numerical results (stats) don’t always indicate the entire picture, especially when the “picture” is comprised of different levels of competition, and individual talent.

One can easily deduce that if Lacy and Yeldon achieve the team average mark of 224 yards, Notre Dame could find themselves on the wrong side of the scoreboard.

Season superlatives

Eddie Lacy: 184 carries - 1,182 yards - 6.4 yards per carry - 16 TDs
T.J. Yeldon: 154 carries - 1,000 yards - 6.5 yards per carry - 11 TDs

Both Lacy and Yeldon have individually rushed for 100 yards-plus on four different occasions in 2012, and both set career-high rushing marks against Georgia in the SEC championship game. Lacy rushed for 181 yards, while Yeldon earned 153.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Media and retailers take "dust rag" to Notre Dame

If you’re in your teens or early 20s, you can’t honestly remember a time when Notre Dame football was nationally relevant. Sure, you’ve seen them on television countless times due to their contract with NBC, but the storied program known for leprechauns, golden helmets, and Knute Rockne, have been nothing more than a “history book” since the early 1990s.

Since 1991, all Notre Dame home football games
have been aired exclusively on NBC

What are the younger fans missing? Ironically, what they’re missing has very little to do with the team, but everything to do with the “hype machine” that has been buried like an old time capsule...until now.

In 2012, the “hate” is directed towards the mighty SEC, and their current crown jewel, the Alabama Crimson Tide. Unless you’re a fan of the Tide, your disdain for Alabama runs as deep as an ocean while you wait for someone, anyone, outside of the SEC, to dethrone the juggernaut that has been built under head coach Nick Saban. SEC fatigue and Alabama fatigue are the two items that comprise a grand recipe for abhorrence in 2012.

Saban is attempting to capture back-to-back titles
at the University of Alabama

Enter Notre Dame…

Disdain and hatred, you say? Media darlings, you say? For those old enough to remember a different time, the only school in the country…was Notre Dame. Current “fans” who’ve grown tired with the SEC dominance of college football, obviously missed out on the late 80s and early 90s. The “era” that saw Notre Dame merchandise in virtually every “sports store” in the nation, regardless of store location. Notre Dame was the “home team” in SEC markets, yes…SEC markets.

Championship hat from 1988

Notre Dame, home of Raghib “Rocket” Ismail, you see, he was “the man” the last time Notre Dame held this stage, and Lou Holtz was the wise and fearless leader of college football. The Irish were college football, and everyone else, well; they were simply the “other teams” battling for second place. While certainly not the case in the literal sense, the media did a fantastic job at painting a "slanted" picture.

Although the Fighting Irish only won the national title on one occasion (1988) during their most recent glory era, the time period, as aforementioned, will be mostly remembered for domineering media coverage, propaganda, bandwagon fandom, and merchandise sales that rivaled anything the college sports world had ever seen.

Back in my day, you weren’t considered “cool” unless you had Notre Dame apparel. Only the rise of Florida State, under legendary coach Bobby Bowden, even came close to that of Notre Dame in terms of social attention during this time. In the current age, young people wear the colors of the team(s) they root for, twenty years ago; kids wore Notre Dame gear, even if they rooted for Alabama. No, I’m not joking…

Raghib Ismail graces the cover of a 1991
edition of Sports Illustrated

What is the underlying statement?

Notre Dame is back, and congratulations to them for an amazing 2012 season, however, nobody could be happier, than the media. The same media who propped them up to seemingly unreachable heights twenty years ago, have waited twenty years to bring them back from obscurity.

For the younger crowd who’ve waited for someone to interrupt the mighty SEC, you got your wish in terms of media coverage, but the older crowd will tell you, Notre Dame is not the team you “prayed” for. History has documented, that when Notre Dame is “back,” the media circus that surrounds them is more suffocating and toxic than any SEC bias.

Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame, the media is waiting to chant your name!

Alabama fatigue? Stomach 30 days of Notre Dame, and then call me with your regrets...

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jones uses football platform for higher purpose

Courtesy of the website, Alabama center Barrett Jones has been given yet another outlet to share his dedication to family, football…and faith.

The site, which promotes the good deeds of those who serve God, has provided visitors with reading materials and videos which are devoted entirely to the Alabama football star, and his testimony of faith. In the offerings, Jones documents his journey in a video introduction that provides a glimpse into his life through his mission work, and his view on the game of football through the “eyes” of faith.

Barrett Jones has played a vital role on the Alabama football team, not only this season, but every season he has adorned the crimson helmet. Regardless of personal faith and conviction, take a moment to explore the life of one of the greatest, and most versatile, offensive linemen in Alabama football history.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Dial’s status in question after controversial hit

The Alabama Crimson Tide will play for the national championship, but the playing status of defensive lineman Quinton Dial is very much in jeopardy.

With less than two minutes to play in the initial half of the SEC title game, Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray was intercepted by Alabama safety Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix. As Clinton-Dix returned the ball, Murray, who was physically “absent” in respect to the latter stages of the play, was ferociously “steamrolled” by Dial which drew the ire of many, most notably Gary Danielson of CBS Sports.

While a penalty was not called on the field, the hit, which did appear unnecessary given the flow of the play, has garnered plenty of attention.

The NCAA has clear rules when it comes to “targeting” and striking a “defenseless” player in the neck or head. Based on the replay, it would appear that Dial did indeed violate the NCAA rule in question.

What does the SEC have to say?

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive will have to review the tape and make a final decision, but according to Steve Shaw, the SEC coordinator of officials, a penalty should have been called on Dial for his actions.

The court of public opinion, has had, and will continue to have, many “verdicts” on this matter, but in the end, Dial’s fate in respect to his participation in the BCS national championship game, will rest in the hands of Mike Slive.

The hit in question…

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Alabama tames Georgia, wins SEC crown

In “arguably” the most dramatic and finest SEC championship game in conference history, the Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the Georgia Bulldogs by the score of 32-28.

Courtesy of a contest that will be talked about for years in the annals of SEC history, the Crimson Tide not only captured their first SEC crown since 2009, and 23rd in program history, but also punched their ticket to the BCS national title game in Miami.

The run to glory

With so many dramatic moments in the SEC title game, it was simply the Alabama offensive line and the rushing attack that made the difference, especially in the second half of play. Although many, and rightfully so, will reference AJ McCarron’s 45-yard touchdown pass to Amari Cooper (who finished the contest with 127 yards receiving) as the game winning play, it was the overall consistency of the Tide running game that chewed the clock, and allowed Alabama to wear down the Georgia defense.

In respect to rushing superlatives, Eddie Lacy rushed for 181 yards and two touchdowns, while T.J. Yeldon garnered 153 yards, and one touchdown. As a team, the Crimson Tide combined for 350 rushing yards, and won the time of possession battle by the tune of 37:35 to 22:25.

>>>Complete stats and scoring summary<<<

The importance of team

The 2012 Alabama football team is not as talented as the “title teams” of 2009 or 2011, but when it comes to mental and physical toughness, the 2012 squad is without question the most resilient in recent memory. When the chips were down, Alabama came together as a team to beat the Georgia Bulldogs, and that quality of unity, while seemingly simple, is often a lost and unachieved concept.

Tweeting up the party

In a departure from the standard, on the occasion of such a significant victory, a collection of “tweets” from various Alabama football players have been compiled in order to enhance the importance of the moment.

The 2012 SEC championship game was certainly a game for the ages, and a contest teeming with raw emotion. Why “talk up” the players, when they can express themselves…



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