Friday, July 22, 2011

SEC Media Days: The Saban Summary

-Nick Saban began the Alabama session expressing how important it is to help young people develop a career outside of athletics. Saban commended the University of Alabama for providing various programs to the football players which will allow them to become successful long after football is over.

-In what was a very trying offseason, Saban publicly thanked everyone around the state for the wonderful donations and support in the wake of the April tornado.

-In respect to the 2011 football team, coach Saban addressed the difficulties of replacing Mark Ingram, Julio Jones, Marcell Dareus and James Carpenter. Saban also addressed the importance of trying to develop a new QB in the system.

-As Saban has said many times over the years, he once again stressed the importance of having the right team chemistry. Overall consistency is the key to having a successful season.

-The two main offseason goals…play better fundamentally and eliminate mental errors.

-Coach Saban has no issue playing in-state schools. His response came on the heels of a question concerning “lower level opponents” being scheduled for out of state non-conference games.

-Saban fielded several questions concerning the Alabama/Auburn rivalry and expressed how displaying class and respect is vital. Saban went on to say that a small number of people (on both sides) have created a negative vibe. He encouraged Alabama fans to represent the school and state with class.

-In respect to Mike Slive’s agenda for reform, Saban gave a personal example of a young man who is now very successful, but yet during his college time did not meet the “standard” in respect to academics. Saban made it clear that certain things need to be changed and taken into consideration but he also objected to changing things which currently help young people to be successful.

-In respect to the SEC and the “title run,” Saban referred to the SEC as the “National League of College Football.” Saban credited media coverage, quality coaches and regional talent as being the biggest reasons why the SEC is a top notch football conference.

-One member of the media told Saban that an Alabama fan in the lobby was wearing a shirt that read, “I Hate Auburn.” The reporter asked Saban what he would say to that person. Saban responded by saying he would tell the individual not to make the rivalry personal. Saban expressed that all fans have an obligation to show class and that negative behavior by fans only leads to more negative behavior.

-In respect to the current running back situation, Saban praised Trent Richardson for his on and off the field accomplishments and spoke highly of Eddie Lacy. Saban did express concern in respect to depth at the running back position and mentioned the injury to Dee Hart and recent transfers (Goode/Grant) as an issue.

-Saban praised Dont’a Hightower and spoke about his role on the defense as a quality team leader.

-In typical fashion, Saban disregarded the polls and predictions for the 2011 campaign. Saban said he’s more concerned with the team playing to a standard of excellence with toughness and intensity…those intangibles make a quality team. Whatever we do…we’re going to have to do it on the field.

-In respect to the punting and field goal game, Saban said the punting game will be a battle in fall camp but he’s happy with the “dual team” of Jeremy Shelley and Cade Foster (like last season) from a field goal standpoint.

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