Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Midweek musings of the Tide variety - 8/28/13

As the college football season draws closer with every passing second, the Wednesday newswire concerning the Alabama football program is rather “digestible” given the current climate of anticipation.

This edition of the midweek report includes a practice overview, Derrick Henry’s jersey number, and a double helping of peanut butter and jelly.

Wednesday practice report

While Virginia Tech, as noted in the weekly game overview, will enter the contest against Alabama with a plethora of injuries and player concerns, Alabama, and Nick Saban, are treating the Hokies just like any respected opponent. Simply getting off the bus won’t be enough for the Tide to close the deal.
Derrick Henry No. 21

As noted in the aforementioned practice report, running back Derrick Henry, who has adorned the No. 3 since spring practice began in mid March, is now wearing No. 21.

During his media obligation, Nick Saban confirmed that Henry is sporting No. 21 for special teams purposes. Saban also noted that Henry was a “good sport” about changing numbers.
-Saban presser-

The peanut butter and jelly experience

While the context is different, the comparison is the same. Peanut butter and jelly!

The Crimson Elephant (Aug. 22) -- While the eyes of the nation, mostly pundits, will reside with the corners, the Alabama safeties are built to last. The undisputed “main attractions” of the secondary are found at the safety position. Couple the range and speed of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, with the hard hitting style of Vinnie Sunseri, and the Crimson Tide have two of the best things going since peanut butter and jelly.

-Full story- (Aug. 28 – Andrew Gribble) -- "Last year my first pick came on the same day as his first pick and his second pick came on the same day as my second pick," Sunseri said after Tuesday's practice. "My mom was calling us peanut butter and jelly. She said we go good together. We're a little different, but we go good with each other."

-Full story-

While the posts in question are separated by a week, the peanut butter and jelly combination really made the rounds. As is certainly worth noting, the original post on The Crimson Elephant was written simply using an age old expression, yet today, we all learned that Sunseri’s mother feels the same in regards to the UA safety combo.

Had the context from the Gribble piece been of a different variety, rather than a quote, one could have easily considered the notion of "peanut butter and jelly theft" on the part of the 'Bama beat writer. However, no feelings were harmed, and no nuts (peanuts) were busted.


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