Friday, August 2, 2013

Darius Paige deemed medically ineligible by Tide staff

Earlier this week it was noted that offensive lineman Bradley Bozeman would be joining the Crimson Tide football team for preseason camp rather than accepting a grayshirt which would delay his enrollment until January 2014.

While the Bozeman situation, taken alone, was positive news, the unexpected situation also meant something potentially unfortunate in respect to someone else.

After today’s initial practice, the first session of preseason camp, head coach Nick Saban announced that incoming freshman Darius Paige has been medically disqualified due to an undisclosed issue.
Via quotes obtained through, Saban made the following comments regarding the Paige situation…

"Darius Paige has medical issues that has caused our medical staff to think that it is not safe for him to play, so he has been medically disqualified," Saban said.

"He is here, and we are helping to support him. He will be on scholarship. He will get an education, but our medical staff is working with him right now to try to help improve his condition. I can't comment any further on that."

Saban also stated, as hinted in the aforementioned, that Paige’s situation was/is the direct reason that Bozeman was able to join the 2013 roster.

Shocking news? No question…

Paige, a four-star defensive lineman, was considered one of the “top prospects” in respect to the 2013 signing class. While it is obviously too early to know for certain, it appears, on the surface, that Paige’s college football career could potentially be over before it even begins.

Quite obviously shocking news in a college football world where very little is “shocking” these days.

When the story just isn't big enough...

Less than 24 hours prior to the start of preseason camp, Darius Paige posted the following tweets.
Although the tweets have absolutely no contextual value, veteran sports writer Cecil Hurt decided to “retweet” Paige’s comments in an apparent effort to connect today’s medical news with the tweets in question.

Given Hurt’s clout with fellow media personalities and “football fans” in general, the Paige tweets quickly garnered attention. Quite obviously just the way Hurt intended.

Since the tweets had no contextual value in respect to today’s “top story,” the owner of The Crimson Elephant expressed his displeasure with Hurt.
So, Mr. Hurt was simply sharing what Paige entered in the public domain?

Weak response…

For all we know the tweets in question could have been about a relationship or a friendship? The possibilities are endless, yet Hurt, quite obviously, pinned them on today's regional and national story concerning Paige's status at Alabama.

If you visit Paige’s Twitter account he recently placed something "in the public domain" about Bojangles’. Unfortunately, Hurt failed to retweet the "chicken update"...even though it actually contained contextual value.

In the old days of journalism, “connecting the dots” was an essential practice. In 2013 all you need is one dot, and you’re given free form to attach it to whatever you want. Hurt, by design, took that privilege today.

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