Friday, December 30, 2011

LSU/UA: Originality halted as rematch draws near

As the BCS National Championship game draws closer, the majority of media pundits have nothing “fresh” to say.

Even though nothing was actually awarded on the night of Nov. 5, and everything will be on the line come Jan. 9…virtual “stillness” has come over most media members and fans.

AFCA National Championship Trophy

Other than rehashing the original early November “keys to the game” and pushing various personal opinions and/or agendas regarding the contest, the lengthy hiatus has provided most “responsible” media members, and Tide and Tiger fans, with sheer boredom.

Most “sane” fans have been relegated to watching “second tier” bowl games and watching the clock, while the “fanatical fringe” have taken to Twitter with the hopes of breaking the world record for “trolling” until they are threatened with death by three or more people.

Social media "trolling" to pass the time

Once LSU and Alabama arrive in New Orleans the pace will accelerate and various “nuggets” will be revealed, but until then, the rehashing, agenda pushing, bowl watching, and hard social media "trolling" will continue.

The BCS “got it right” in respect to LSU and Alabama, but when the “Game of the Century” has already been previewed, hyped, and played, all one can do is simply sit back and wait for the rematch.

After all, if you don’t know who LSU and Alabama are by now, and what each team brings to the table, you probably have no intentions of watching on Jan. 9…and certainly didn’t care on Nov. 5.

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