Wednesday, December 28, 2011

LSU/Alabama: Statistical Revision Required for UA

Points of Note

-If Alabama is held under 100 yards on the ground, once again, they will lose. With the combination of Richardson and Lacy, the Crimson Tide must garner a total of 165 yards rushing…at minimum.

-Alabama must outgain LSU on the ground. In reference to the point above, Alabama must succeed in the running game, while holding LSU to less than 100 yards rushing.

-The Crimson Tide must “win” the penalty stat. Alabama had a total of 73 yards in penalties, and several were of the illegal substitution variety.
One such penalty came during the critical overtime period. ‘Bama spent too much time “behind the chains” on Nov. 5.

-Ball security is important regardless of the opposition, but ball security against the LSU Tigers is paramount. As was the case in the initial meeting, AJ McCarron, and all offensive skill personnel, will need to protect the football and survive to play the next down. “Forcing the issue” is not the way to go…

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