Saturday, December 10, 2011

Griffin III wins Heisman, Richardson distant third

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III has been awarded the 77th Heisman Trophy. “RG3” becomes the first Heisman winner in Baylor history.

Alabama running back Trent Richardson, who was considered a front-runner less than two weeks ago, finished a distant third.

Whether it was due to “BCS backlash” surrounding the Alabama Crimson Tide and the SEC, or the fact “RG3” happened to finish his regular season one week after Richardson, it only took a matter of days for the ‘Bama running back to be eliminated from Heisman contention.

Not only did Richardson finish third in the overall voting…he failed to “carry” the South region.

National Vote Ranking

1) Robert Griffin III (Baylor)
1,687 points-405 first-place votes

2) Andrew Luck (Stanford)
1,407 points-247 first-place votes

3) Trent Richardson (Alabama)
978 points-138 first-place votes

4) Montee Ball (Wisconsin)
348 points-22 first-place votes

5) Tyrann Mathieu (LSU)
327 points-34 first-place votes

South Region

1) Griffin 303 points
2) Richardson 256 points
3) Luck 182 points

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