Monday, October 31, 2011

Steady and Stable: Jarrett Lee, LSU Offense

Unless you live under a high-end rock, you know all about the defensive tussle that is expected come Saturday night at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Stat sheets concerning each and every defensive category comparing LSU and Alabama range from your local newspaper to your local convenience store window.

However, as is the case with many “defensive hyped” games, the offense will play a pivotal role, and when push comes to shove, perhaps the decisive role.

Lost in the propaganda surrounding a “Honey Badger” and his group of defensive cohorts, the LSU offense has become a model of consistency thanks to a pocket passer no longer under scorn and ridicule.

Jarrett Lee’s Rise to Reliability

In 2008, LSU quarterback Jarrett Lee was a dream come true for linebackers and defensive backs throughout the SEC.

Lee, who couldn’t find his own teammates with binoculars, quickly became the laughing stock of the conference throwing 16 interceptions on the season, seven of which were returned for touchdowns.

Now in 2011, with over three years of experience between his ears, Jarrett Lee has quietly become one of the best quarterbacks in the SEC and one of the best offensive leaders in college football.

If AJ McCarron is considered a “game manager”…Jarrett Lee is the “game president.”

Lee has completed 98-of-155 passes thus far in 2011, and has thrown 13 touchdowns and only one interception.

While Lee is expected to share a few snaps with former starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson come Saturday night, the LSU offense will either “sink or swim” on the right arm of the once maligned quarterback.

The Running of the Bulls

While Alabama has a potential Heisman winner in the person of Trent Richardson, the LSU Tigers possess a plethora of punishing and multipurpose backs that are virtually interchangeable.

Led by leading rusher Spencer Ware, LSU certainly has the talent and depth to gain yards on the ground which will permit the Tigers to unlock the aerial attack.

Open Field Danger

Just when you thought the LSU offensive assault couldn’t be more balanced, the wide receivers enter the fold.

Led by future NFL star Rueben Randle, the Tigers possess one of the best receiving units in the SEC.

Jarrett Lee is obviously a much improved quarterback from his dark year of 2008, but gifted wide receivers can make any marginally talented quarterback look proficient.

LSU Offensive Statistics (1-120)

Total Offense: 81st-372 Yards Per Game

Rushing Offense: 31st-189 Yards Per Game

Passing Offense: 99th-183 Yards Per Game

Scoring Offense: 12th-39 Points Per Game

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