Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Oxford Obliteration: Alabama 52 Ole Miss 7

Courtesy of Trent Richardson’s career-high 183 yards rushing and four touchdowns, the Alabama Crimson Tide pulverized the Ole Miss Rebels by the score of 52-7.

Featured in the Richardson “showcase” was a 76-yard touchdown run that would make some NFL greats, both past and present, awfully jealous.

Richardson averaged 10.8 yards per carry against the hapless Ole Miss defense.

The Crimson Tide accumulated 615 yards of total offense against the Rebels including 389 on the ground. The Tide defense held Ole Miss to only 141 yards of total offense, 28 yards on the ground, and forced two turnovers.

Alabama’s 52 points was the most by any Crimson Tide team in SEC play since 1990, and the Ole Miss loss was the worst defeat since the Florida Gators trounced the Rebels 49-3 in 1981.

Individual/Team Stats of Note

McCarron: 19/24 224 Yards 1 TD

Richardson: 17 Carries 183 Yards 4 TDs
Fowler: 9 Carries 125 Yards 2 TDs
B. Sims: 5 Carries 74 Yards
Lacy: 5 Carries 22 Yards

Hanks: 4 Receptions 63 Yards
Williams: 2 Receptions 39 Yards
Bell: 3 Receptions 31 Yards
Richardson: 2 Receptions 30 Yards
White: 3 Receptions 23 Yards
Maze: 3 Receptions 21 Yards
Gibson: 1 Reception 10 Yards 1 TD
Smelley: 2 Receptions 9 Yards

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