Friday, July 2, 2010

Fund Established to Assist Kines Family

In the aftermath of the car accident which killed Susan Kines Langston, daughter of former Alabama defensive coordinator Joe Kines, a fund has been established to help Joe's son-in-law and grandchildren.

For those who may have missed the initial story, Susan Kines Langston was tragically killed in a traffic accident on Monday, in Tuscaloosa. Her 7-year old son Josh and 14-year old son Matthew were in the vehicle, but thankfully survived the accident.

Langston’s husband, Keith, currently holds the position of assistant football coach at Northridge High School, in Tuscaloosa.

The support fund was established courtesy of current Alabama Crimson Tide defensive coordinator Kirby Smart, and Northridge High School head football coach Mike Smith.

The support fund is being managed by Bank of Tuscaloosa.

All donations should be made payable to The Keith Langston for Benefit of Susan Kines Langston Fund and respectfully sent to Bank of Tuscaloosa, P.O. Box 2508, Tuscaloosa, AL, 35401 to the attention of Mr. Jim Clayton.

The names of those who donate will be sent to the Kines family.

In this time of great sorrow, I would personally like to extend my condolences and deepest sympathies to Joe Kines and the entire family.

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