Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bryant turns 100, Saban gives highest praise to A&M

While Nick Saban is the "current royalty" of college football, Paul W. "Bear" Bryant is still, in the eyes of many, the undisputed "King" of the college ranks.

Bryant, who passed away in January of 1983, was born on September 11, 1913.

In honor of Bryant's 100th birthday, The Crimson Elephant pays tribute to a legend.

Aggie injuries

As noted in The Crimson Crossover, Texas A&M will be without safety Floyd Raven, and "potentially" Ricky Seals-Jones.

While offensive coordinator Clarence McKinney said Seals-Jones has a "good chance" of playing, the highly touted wide receiver is still day-to-day.
Swinging at Johnny

Care to take a swing at Johnny Manziel? Batter up!
Beat me once...

Nick Saban's record at Alabama has been well documented, and his record in "rematch" games is extraordinary. Saban isn't unbeatable, but history warns against repeat victories against the Tide head coach.
Saban places A&M offense in rarefied air

Coach speak? Probably. One of the highest compliments any offensive squad could ever receive. Absolutely!

Per Saban, the A&M offense is on the front row of greatness.

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