Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tears in the Ointment: Alabama a lock for title game

The “agenda pushers” and “fly in the ointment” lunatics are coming to the plate for the final time this season and nothing less than a “grand slam” will suffice.

Why such a hefty order? It will take a “grand slam” of “voter proportions” to elevate the Oklahoma State Cowboys ahead of the Alabama Crimson Tide in the final BCS standings.

Current BCS Top 5

While Tim Brando, Rod Gilmore, and a host of other “scenario seekers” look for the next fictional opportunity for chaos, the realists already know the verdict.

An Oklahoma State win over Oklahoma will not be enough to send the Cowboys to New Orleans.

The Okie Pokie Plunge

Remember when OK State lost to unranked Iowa State after being
26-point favorites to win the contest? Sure you do.

The “talking heads”…they all forgot.

If Alabama had lost to Vanderbilt (6-6), Tennessee (5-7), or Mississippi State (6-6) instead of LSU, do you think the media would have suffered the same memory loss? …Of course not. Do you think Alabama would be in national title contention? …Of course not.

Alabama’s only loss of the 2011 season came at the hands of the current (and then) No. 1 team in the nation.

Oklahoma State’s only loss of the 2011 season came at the hands of an unranked (and still unranked) Iowa State club who currently sits at 6-5 with one regular season game remaining on the docket.

Did you say unranked and 6-5? Sounds comparable to the likes of Vanderbilt, Tennessee and/or Mississippi State…correct?

OK State QB Brandon Weeden

For those who claim a team has no business playing for the national title without winning their respective conference, I’m of the opinion no team has any business playing for the national title if they lose a game in overtime after they were favored to win by 26 points.

National champions don’t lose to an unranked team they were predicted to defeat by almost four touchdowns.

I’m well aware the 2008 Florida Gators, losing to unranked Ole Miss, can provide an anomaly to counter the above statements. However, I’m also aware that Ole Miss garnered a nine win season in 2008 and won the Cotton Bowl.

Iowa State, on the other hand, will be lucky to finish the season (bowl included) with a winning record.

If OK State fans are praying for an anomaly…they’re going to be horribly disappointed.

When the final BCS standings are revealed Sunday night, the only toxin in the “ointment” will be the tears of the agenda-laden and disillusioned.

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