Thursday, November 3, 2011

LSU/Alabama: Importance of Self-Discipline

Earlier this week the topic of mental fortitude was discussed in relation to the hype that surrounds the LSU/Alabama contest.

In conjunction with the concept of mental resilience conquering propaganda, the theme of self-discipline is also a worthy topic for dissection and conversation.

Is it possible to overcome the hype, yet remain undisciplined during the game?

Here are several examples of undisciplined football that could very well become significant Saturday night…

-False start on third-and-one.
-Offsides on third-and-one.
-An offensive lineman commits a “lazy” hold because he was out of kilter at the snap.
-Block in the back on a kickoff/punt return when the block in question had nothing to do with the play.
-Running back gets the edge for five-yards then a disgruntled defender throws him into the waterboy for an unknown reason.
-“Lazy” hold/pass interference by a defensive back because he was too lethargic to get in position in the first place.

Feel free to add another 50 reasons while you ponder.

Conquering hype is the ability to refute the media, the cameras, and the bright lights; however, self-discipline is the ability to control your own personal conduct.

Self-discipline is not something that can be achieved overnight, or even during the course of two-week game preparation.

The Alabama Crimson Tide average 3.4 penalties per contest, while the LSU Tigers average 6.5.

Pay close attention to the “yellow rags” come Saturday night.

Just because you've conquered the hype…doesn’t mean you've exorcised yourself.

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