Sunday, November 6, 2011

“Les” is more: LSU 9 Alabama 6

Les Miles is quite the zany fellow, but he is also arguably the best college football coach in the nation.

For the second consecutive season the LSU Tigers defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide, and for the second consecutive season, Les Miles outcoached Nick Saban.

Under the bright lights of Bryant-Denny Stadium it was Miles who was steady and calculated in his attack, while Saban pulled out trick plays and ill-advised field goal attempts from a career-long inconsistent kicker.

What was the result? LSU 9 Alabama 6.

In a game of high-stakes the “little things” come home to roost, and for Alabama that was certainly the case.

Crimson Lowlights

-The aforementioned missed and arguably ill-advised field goals.

-Failed trick plays---Marquis Maze falling down on a reverse---Maze throwing an interception out of the “wildcat” formation. **Maze INT came directly after a 24-yard Trent Richardson run which put ‘Bama inside the LSU 30.**

-Illegal substitution penalties which put the Tide behind the chains. **Crucial substitution penalty in the overtime session.**

-Critical interception by Mark Barron, but an even more critical block in the back on the return resulting in loss of field position. **Barron returned the ball to the LSU four-yard line.**

-Brad Wing’s 73-yard punt which was allowed to roll “dead” instead of fielded. **Punt returner Maze claimed the ball struck a camera wire in flight. The claim was later denied by the camera operator.**

-Not physically handing the ball to the best player on the field (Richardson) during the overtime period, but instead choosing to pass or attempt to pass…three straight plays.

Pondering the Future

In a “depressing” turn of events, the best defense Alabama has fielded in 50 years, and arguably one of the best defenses in college football history, will possibly have nothing to show for all the hard work and dedication. No SEC title…no national title.

Alabama is still very much “in the game” but the Crimson Tide will need outside help…which is always a gamble.

The idea of a rematch is certainly tantalizing given the fact that LSU and Alabama are indeed the two best teams in the country, however, ‘Bama had four quarters and an overtime session to defeat the Tigers…and were unsuccessful.

An Alabama win over LSU in the national title game would do nothing but “even the score”…and only provoke more questions.

The Crimson Tide had a chance and kicked it all away…quite literally.

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