Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LSU/Alabama: Mental Fortitude Conquers Hype

The game between LSU and Alabama has been dubbed the “Super Bowl” of college football by many pundits and fans.

The hype is so thick not even the finest knife can penetrate the atmosphere surrounding the likely de facto national championship game.

When the eyes of the sporting world shine upon a particular event, the pressure on those directly involved can be overwhelming, and at

When the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide collide at Bryant-Denny Stadium, immense talent will be showcased and “statistical duels” will be put to rest in favor of the “physical duel” that has been anticipated by both teams and fans since spring practice.

If the stats are virtually even, and the physical talent is steadfast…how do you win? How does a single player or an entire team conquer the hype and the propaganda?

…Mental fortitude.

The team with the utmost mental determination will prevail under the dense pressure of the game and bright lights of Bryant-Denny Stadium.

The team with the supreme mental stamina won’t blink in the face of high stakes…but triumph in the face of pandemonium.

LSU and Alabama will go head-to-head Saturday night in front of the world. However, LSU and Alabama would go head-to-head if the stadium was empty and nobody cared. The game has to be played, but the hype is simply an “accept or decline” preference.

One team will buckle under the “party line” while another squad will merely play with cerebral resilience and sweep the “mythical hype” under the nearest sideline bench.

The so-called “experts” can “talk up” LSU/Alabama and break the game down until the only thing that remains are minuscule fragments. However, “talking heads” won’t be sacking your favorite quarterback or scoring the game winning touchdown on Saturday.

Hype is a myth, but staying power is real. The ability to conquer with mental fortitude is authentic.

The LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide have been given a “media platform” for greatness. The team who chooses to ignore the platform will obtain the greatness. The platform is a trick…but greatness is tangible and time-honored.

In sports, as in life, you can either take advantage of the opportunity…or let the opportunity take advantage of you.

Saturday night is a football game…not a hype satiate festival. The team that falls for the trap, will encounter their first loss of 2011.

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  1. That's the down side to games like these. There is SO much hype that rarely we see both teams play at their best. Also the fact that both teams had a bye week play into this. Now if LSU is the one that doesn't play 100%, I'm ok with that.