Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Richardson Emerges as Heisman Front-Runner

Due in large measure to his career-high 203 yards rushing against the Auburn Tigers, Alabama running back Trent Richardson has emerged as the Heisman front-runner according and ESPN’s Heisman Watch.

Final votes which will determine the Heisman winner are due on Monday, and by all accounts a very close race is expected between Richardson and Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. The coveted award will be presented Dec. 10 in New York City.

The Level of Competition

One could easily make the argument that a player of Richardson’s caliber would produce incredible statistics against Pac-12 opponents on a weekly basis, while a player of Luck’s aptitude, although exceptional, would be relegated to “skillful” status due to the superior defensive capacity, speed, and general athleticism found in the SEC.

However, neither Luck or Richardson control who they play, they only control how they perform as individuals and team players against the allotted oppositions.

Both Luck and Richardson have not only performed admirably from an individual standpoint, but have also proven to be vital offensive cogs for their respective teams.

It goes without saying that neither Alabama or Stanford would be where they are this season without the offensive contributions and team leadership brought forth by each player.

Luck/Richardson Statistics

QB Andrew Luck-Stanford Cardinal

RB Trent Richardson-Alabama Crimson Tide

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