Sunday, October 12, 2014

UA survives Hogs, Saban concerned about "this punt thing"


Last night Alabama survived a scare from Arkansas in what looked like a flashback to the days of Dubose and/or Shula.

With enough mental mistakes to drive a crazy person nuts, Alabama, clearly the better team in terms of talent, decided to open hunting season on their own two feet.

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Courtesy of false starts, missed blocking assignments, missed defensive assignments, and a special teams nightmare that appears to be spawning a horror franchise, the Crimson Tide, while still 5-1 with the top prize still in reach, looks like a wobbly wagon at best.

You certainly don't need me to tell you, but if Alabama plays the remainder of the 2014 schedule the way they did against the Razorbacks, Western Carolina will be the only win the Crimson Tide will enjoy until 2015.


Click the video below to watch Nick Saban's postgame presser following Alabama's 14-13 victory over Arkansas.

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