Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Changes to The Crimson Elephant

Since The Crimson Elephant was born in 2009, the goal of this site has been to provide the reader with practice reports, injury reports, game previews, postgame recaps, breaking news, recruiting updates, etc., concerning the University of Alabama football program.

However, after much deliberation, The Crimson Elephant will now focus on commentary and opinions in respect to the above coverage instead of attempting to actually provide the above coverage.

The Crimson Elephant is simply a blog and because of that fact, with only one person steering the ship, the site will now provide RSS feeds, in the left column of the main page, for all the wonderful content created by the paid beat writers who cover the Crimson Tide.

Want the latest practice report? Scroll the RSS feeds. Want the latest game preview of the Tide's next opponent? Scroll the RSS feeds. Want to know what The Crimson Elephant thinks about the latest news? Read the various blog posts.

That subtle change noted above will be enough to dramatically shift the landscape of this blog. Instead of giving the reader the latest injury news, The Crimson Elephant will now provide first person commentary regarding the latest injury news. Reporting is over. Thoughts and opinions are in.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this blog over the years. Here's to many more adventures together while riding The Crimson Elephant.

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