Monday, October 27, 2014

Super Cooper: WR Amari Cooper on pace to be the best

While my Alabama/Tennessee postgame blog was scratched due to sinus issues which impacted my concentration, Amari Cooper's concentration has been the picture of perfection.

Another game...another record.

Without recapping the events in Knoxville, I will say, just briefly, that I was very disappointed with Alabama's lack of "foot to the floor" mentality in the second half. However, to write what should be quite obvious, a 14-point victory over an SEC rival on the road will forever be a major accomplishment.

Did someone say accomplishment? Yet another perfect segue for Amari Cooper.

Without beating around the bush, I'll simply let a few tweets tell the story in respect to Mr. Cooper. Before the 2014 season comes to an end, Cooper, who is now a real contender for the Heisman, will likely hold every Alabama school record when it comes to receiving.

Twitterville stat time!




Most every high school football player has dreams and aspirations of becoming a collegiate great. In the case of Amari Cooper, I wonder if anyone could have told him that he'd select the University of Alabama and do nothing but break every school record in respect to his position. Heh.

From an individual standpoint in regards to the school he attended, Amari Cooper is on pace to have the perfect career. Only a select few can say that.

Congrats, Amari. If statistics are the proving ground, you're simply the best.

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