Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The bow tie lives…McCarron will return in 2013

In an age where early departures for the NFL make headlines, Alabama fans can rejoice in a headline due to the contrary.

AJ McCarron, arguably the most gifted quarterback to play at the Capstone since the likes of Joe Namath and Kenny Stabler, has announced that he will return to the University of Alabama for his senior season.

Coupled with his undeniable skills at the quarterback position, mixed with a charismatic personality, McCarron has become the certifiable “face” of the current Alabama football team. One could easily draw the conclusion, especially in this era of social media, that McCarron is quite possibly the most popular and sought-after player in modern Crimson Tide history.

AJ McCarron adorns his signature bow tie
prior to an Alabama game

As the lone quarterback signed by Alabama in the class of 2009, AJ McCarron, the once heralded four-star prospect and current redshirt junior, will earn his undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama this Saturday.


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