Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jones uses football platform for higher purpose

Courtesy of the website commissionstories.com, Alabama center Barrett Jones has been given yet another outlet to share his dedication to family, football…and faith.

The site, which promotes the good deeds of those who serve God, has provided visitors with reading materials and videos which are devoted entirely to the Alabama football star, and his testimony of faith. In the offerings, Jones documents his journey in a video introduction that provides a glimpse into his life through his mission work, and his view on the game of football through the “eyes” of faith.

Barrett Jones has played a vital role on the Alabama football team, not only this season, but every season he has adorned the crimson helmet. Regardless of personal faith and conviction, take a moment to explore the life of one of the greatest, and most versatile, offensive linemen in Alabama football history.

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