Friday, September 7, 2012

Saban preaches respect in advance of W. Kentucky

Earlier this week Nick Saban had a meltdown. Not a volcanic eruption, but just a minor meltdown.

Since his arrival in 2007, the media as well as the Alabama fanbase, have come to expect the Tide head coach to be rather irritable during various points of the season. In respect to this week, articles written which relegated Western Kentucky and elevated Alabama…did the trick.

During his Wednesday press conference, Saban “ranted” about the importance of showing respect to the opposition, while also putting Alabama’s victory over Michigan, in the proper perspective.

>>>Video of Saban's minor meltdown<<<

While Saban’s press conference “passion” did garner national attention, including a spot on SportsCenter, the Tide head coach also used his position to “bop” ‘Bama fans on the nose during his Thursday night radio program.

When notified that over 1,000 tickets still remained for the contest against Western Kentucky, Saban boasted that he would personally buy the tickets and give them away for free. The Tide coach also remarked that every home game should be sold out, given the amount of games Alabama has won during his tenure.

Nick Saban is the ultimate micromanager, and his attention to the slightest detail has played a huge catalyst in Alabama’s success since the 2008 season.

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