Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Alabama Analysis: Williams leads defensive line

While attempting to build the “perfect” college football team, one of the main objectives would be to create a defensive line just as powerful and dominate as the offensive line.

Although true “perfection” is something only found in the latest football video game, the Alabama defensive line stacks up relatively well in comparison to what is considered to be one of the best offensive fronts in college football.

Led by nose guard Jesse Williams, who bench pressed 600 pounds last month, the Crimson Tide “trench dwellers” appear meaner and more punishing than ever.

The prominent players

NG-Jesse Williams
DE-Damion Square
DE-Ed Stinson/Quinton Dial

Emerging talent

NG-Brandon Ivory
NG-Dalvin Tomlinson
NG-Korren Kirven
NG-Darren Lake
NG-Dakota Ball
DE-Jeoffrey Pagan
DE-D.J. Pettway
DE-LaMichael Fanning
DE-Wilson Love

Jesse Williams

While the aforementioned Williams is the anchor of the defensive line, and the starter at the nose guard position, several players have the opportunity to contribute across the front and make a definite impact in 2012.

In respect to Williams’ backup, that spot is expected to go to Brandon Ivory. While the Crimson Tide have talent at the nose guard position, Ivory is the only player with game experience, given the rest of the crop are mere newcomers.

Damion Square and Ed Stinson are considered to be the staples at the defensive end positions, as well as Quinton Dial, who is expected to play a vital part in the rotation.

When it comes to additional playing time at defensive end, look for Jeoffrey Pagan, D.J. Pettway, and LaMichael Fanning to garner respectable minutes over the course of the season. Alabama depends on a solid
second-team due to heavy rotations; so many players will need to be prepared for game action at any moment.

While experienced depth is a slight concern, talented personnel is not. The Alabama defensive front should be as stout as the 2011 edition, and all things considered…that is not a bad place to reside.

Unit Rating: 9/10

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