Friday, August 17, 2012

Alabama prepares for final preseason scrimmage

All things considered, the Alabama Crimson Tide have had a solid preseason.

High intensity has been the hallmark during the month of August, and the first scrimmage of the preseason, which was held last Saturday, received positive reviews from head coach Nick Saban.

Tomorrow afternoon, ‘Bama will scrimmage for the second and final time, before placing the lid on “preseason camp” and beginning the “game preparation” associated with traditional fall practice.

With the Michigan Wolverines only two weeks from Saturday, the Tide will look to not only rectify mistakes within the veterans and “anticipated” starters, but continue to develop depth at every position.


Will Jalston Fowler be 100 percent devoted to the running back position as the season begins, or will the preseason “experiment” at the h-back position become a fixture in the offense?

In the 3-4 base defense, who will be the “core” linebackers and secondary staples?

Will freshman kicker Adam Griffith garner valuable playing time in critical situations, virtually “replacing” Cade Foster as the backup to Jeremy Shelley?

The questions pondered above are just a few that Alabama fans, and obviously Tide coaches, will be looking to answer in the days to come. Depending on the personnel results of the final scrimmage, some of those questions could be answered within 24 hours.

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