Friday, August 3, 2012

Preseason camp begins for ‘Bama

The Alabama Crimson Tide took to the practice field this morning to begin the journey that will take them to the season opener against Michigan. While spring practice is the official “start” of every new season, preseason camp in August, is considered the ultimate “grind time” when it comes to season preparation.

On the injury front, Alabama has a clean bill of health. Not a single black “non-contact” jersey was found in the “veteran-laden” morning session. The “no injury” news certainly speaks well for several players, but most notably running back Eddie Lacy, who is recovering from toe surgery. Lacy’s injury, which has been well documented over the course of the last several months, caused him to be limited during the latter part of 2011, and his surgical procedure kept him out of spring practice.

In respect to positional “musical chairs,” Nick Saban said that no “position experiments” are taking place at this time, but that is certainly subject to change. Saban addressed this issue, as well as several others, during his post-practice press conference.

Tonight, the ‘Bama freshmen and “selected” players will officially report to the practice field to begin preseason camp.

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