Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2015 Alabama Recruiting: The final update - Feb. 3

*Listed order is based on star ratings only.
The order holds no other significance of any measure.

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Name: CeCe Jefferson
Rating: 5-star
School/City: Baker County Senior/Glen Saint Mary, FL
Position: Defensive End
Status: Undecided
List: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Ole Miss
Odds of Signing: POOR/FAIR - When it comes to playing the game in respect to recruitment, 5-star defensive end CeCe Jefferson is a master. In this age of big press conference calls and faux promises and propaganda, even those who've worked in the recruiting field for decades can't really get a pulse on Jefferson. While logic says that Jefferson will not sign with Alabama, if he came riding into his press conference on an elephant I probably still wouldn't be shocked. My guess is that Florida or Ole Miss will be Jefferson's school of choice...but don't rule out an elephant.

Name: K.J. Hill
Rating: 4-star
School/City: North Little Rock/North Little Rock, AR
Position: Wide Receiver
Status: Undecided
List: Alabama, Arkansas, Ohio State
Odds of Signing: POOR/FAIR - In respect to K.J. Hill, the worm has really turned within the last 7-10 days. Other than Daylon Charlot, Hill, for a time, was viewed as one of the most likely Tide targets to ink his name on the dotted line with Alabama. However, things have soured quite fast. While nothing is 100% when it comes to recruiting, history has shown us that much, but the odds of Hill joining the Tide are now quite slim. Most experts now predict the 4-star talent to sign with Ohio State.

Name: Daylon Charlot
Rating: 4-star
School/City: Patterson/Patterson, LA
Position: Wide Receiver
Status: Undecided - Former Alabama verbal commitment
List: Alabama, LSU
Odds of Signing: GREAT - While many other stories concerning Alabama targets have flipped and flopped, less than 15 hours before signing day Daylon Charlot still appears to be a virtual lock for Alabama. Even if the Crimson Tide fail on their remaining targets expect UA to at least ink Charlot. Not too shabby by any stretch.

Additional news 

-Alabama is not expected to lose any commitments on signing day. On the surface that seems like a none story, but many teams of over the years, Alabama included, have lost pieces to the puzzle on the day it counted the most. The Crimson Tide will only add to the class of 2015...not take away. While 'Bama still has a total of five or six spots available for the class of 2015, the Crimson Tide will not fill them all unless something of monumental proportions comes to pass.

-3-star linebacker Christian Bell has accepted a grayshirt offer. Reports say that Bell is still 100% committed to the University of Alabama. Hill is scheduled to enroll in January of 2016.

-If you want to call it an "honorable watch list" for tomorrow, I'll throw 4-star defensive end/tight end Tyrone Wheatley, Jr. and 3-star wide receiver Lawrence Cager into the mix. I'm placing both young men in this category because the odds are almost less than poor that Alabama earns a signature from them on signing day, but it certainly wouldn't be the wildest thing I've ever seen.

Lawrence Cager

Cager and 'Bama have had mutual interest for months and essentially the only thing that has kept Cager from giving a verbal commitment to Alabama has been the Tide's interest in Charlot and Hill. If Alabama fails to sign Hill, don't be shocked to see the Tide make one last gasp to attract Cager away from Miami at the midnight hour.

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.

While the worm has certainly shifted to the U of Michigan, the school where Wheatley's father became a school legend at running back, earlier reports, even as of a few weeks ago, had Wheatley, Jr. wanting to carve his own path at a different school. While Alabama and Wheatley, Jr. were "warm" on each other in terms of interest, I'm not sure if anything was ever really all that serious. However, if Wheatley, Jr. really wants to add some drama to his Wednesday activities, inking with Alabama would be the ultimate curve.

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