Thursday, January 29, 2015

'Bama Recruiting Update: January 29 - remaining target list

*List is subject to change.

*Listed order is based on star ratings only.
The order holds no other significance of any measure.

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Name: CeCe Jefferson
Rating: 5-star
School/City: Baker County Senior/Glen Saint Mary, FL
Position: Defensive End
Status: Undecided
List: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Ole Miss
Odds of Signing: POOR - While the odds of CeCe Jefferson signing with Alabama were close to zero just a couple of weeks ago, the Crimson Tide have made some gains. Jefferson, on his own time, has actually made two trips to the UA campus within the previous week. While communication is high and Alabama has turned up the full court press, I think odds are still poor, at least as of right now, that 'Bama lands Jefferson. While UA certainly has the room to take Jefferson, I'm not sure if Jefferson wants to be taken by Saban. Ole Miss seems to be the favorite for this 5-star talent.

Name: Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.
Rating: 4-star
School/City: Canisius/Manlius, NY
Position: Defensive End/Tight End
Status: Undecided
List: Alabama, Michigan, Oregon, UCLA, USC
Odds of Signing: FAIR - The son of legendary Michigan running back Tyrone Wheatley, Tyrone Wheatley, Jr. has been on Alabama's radar for roughly a month. While many thought, and rightfully so, that Wheatley, Jr. would be a lock for Michigan, that doesn't seem to be the case. In fact, some recruiting experts seem to think that Wheatley, Jr. will likely select between Alabama and USC when the time arrives. Again, as with most on this list, Alabama will make a spot for Wheatley, Jr. if he decides to commit.

Name: Daylon Charlot
Rating: 4-star
School/City: Patterson/Patterson, LA
Position: Wide Receiver
Status: Undecided - Former Alabama verbal commitment
List: Alabama, LSU
Odds of Signing: GREAT - Daylon Charlot is, without question, the strongest chance Alabama has with any target on the board. While nothing is official, many believe that Alabama and Charlot have been happily married for quite a while. Charlot is likely a silent commitment to the Crimson Tide. Alabama earning Charlot's signature on national signing day seems inevitable.

Name: Chidi Valentine-Okeke
Rating: 4-star
School/City: Faith Baptist Christian Academy/Ludowici, GA
Position: Offensive Tackle
Status: Verbal commitment to LSU
List: Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU
Odds of Signing: POOR/FAIR - Thought to have been the third wheel in respect to offensive tackle targets, Chidi Valentine-Okeke seemed to be a lock for 'Bama if he was offered a secure spot. After the Crimson Tide seemingly failed to reel in the two main targets, Drew Richmond and Isaiah Prince, the path seemed to be clear for Valentine-Okeke. Well, not so fast. While the interest has always been mutual, Valentine-Okeke shocked many in the recruiting world by giving his verbal commitment to LSU on the morning of Jan. 29. Valentine-Okeke had a spot with Alabama and likely still does. I find it hard to believe, at least right now, that Valentine-Okeke and Alabama are finished. This one could be a signing day decision.

Name: K.J. Hill
Rating: 4-star
School/City: North Little Rock/North Little Rock, AR
Position: Wide Receiver
Status: Undecided
List: Alabama, Arkansas, Ohio State
Odds of Signing: GOOD - After decommitting from Arkansas following an official visit to Alabama, the numbers game is now working in UA's favor in respect to Hill. The 4-star wide receiver has a spot with the Crimson Tide if he wants sign on the dotted line. While odds aren't as high as that of Charlot, chances are good that K.J. Hill will be in an Alabama uniform this fall.

Name: Lawrence Cager
Rating: 3-star
School/City: Calvert Hall College/Towson, MD
Position: Wide Receiver
Status: Verbal commitment to Miami
List: Alabama, Miami, Ohio State
Odds of Signing: FAIR - Although Cager recently reaffirmed his commitment to Miami, Alabama now has more spots available than before. Cager has expressed interest in Alabama for quite a while and the feeling is mutual. Many thought Cager would be a victim of the numbers crunch but things have recently shifted due to several decommitments. Logic would now suggest that if Cager wants to attend Alabama he'll have a secure spot. Expect Alabama to aim for both Charlot and Hill, but Cager could be a wildcard.

Additional news

-Alabama has roughly 5-6 spots available.

-As noted above, just in passing, Alabama lost three verbal commitments on January 29. Montrell Custis, Rico McGraw, and Isaiah Prince each decommitted from the Crimson Tide. The departures of Custis and Prince were expected by most in the know. McGraw's decommitment, while not as obvious as that of Custis and Prince, had been rumored for roughly a month.

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