Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tigers will sink or swim with Mettenberger

In order for LSU to have a legitimate chance to defeat the top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide, quarterback Zach Mettenberger must have a career-game, or in simplistic terms, perform like the quarterback LSU thought they signed.

Thus far in 2012, a suspect Mettenberger, coupled with an overhauled offensive line, have thwarted an offense that many fans and pundits expected to be one of the best units in the SEC, and possibly the nation.

Birmingham News columnist anticipates a rough night for Mettenberger
As we enter the month of November, one could easily make the argument that Mettenberger is not as proficient as Jordan Jefferson, or even the Jefferson/Jarrett Lee combination from yesteryear. Just the fact such an argument can be made with a straight face is an obvious example of Mettenberger’s overall performance, or lack thereof.

LSU is not the same team that defeated Alabama in November of 2011, but Alabama is as good, if not better. The differences aren’t overwhelming, but they are certainly visible.

Alabama is performing better on the defensive side of the football than LSU, and in respect to offensive efficiency, and the aforementioned struggles of Mettenberger, the Tide offense are several steps ahead of where the Tigers want to be, and probably should be, at this stage of the season.

Outside of the Mettenberger “career-game” scenario, LSU must also depend on something that is not very dependable…an Alabama comedy of errors. The Tigers must hope that “buckets of nerves” and a rowdy Tiger Stadium crowd can force the Tide to commit a series of blunders. Mistakes where no credit is earned, but rather gifts are taken.

An LSU victory is most certainly not out of the question, but in the game of football where anything can happen, more often than not…the better team wins. In this case, the “better team” just happens to be the best team in the nation.

Alabama 23
LSU 10

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