Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mental and physical fortitude imperative for Alabama

Has Alabama recovered from the LSU victory? Has Alabama recovered emotionally and physically from the most dramatic and grueling game of the season?

What do the above questions have to do with Texas A&M? Potentially everything…

Pundits often refer to a “hangover” when a once dominate team comes off a loss, but what about a currently dominating team…coming off a win?

Couple every question with the fact Texas A&M has a solid offensive line, a dynamic offense, solid running backs, and one of the most gifted dual-threat quarterbacks in the nation, and Alabama could be in for tears of defeat, rather than tears from an emotional victory.

If psychology is your study, this contest is ideal. Alabama is the better team, but will the Crimson Tide have enough mental and physical fortitude to leave Tiger Stadium in the rear-view mirror? Playing from the “neck up” has potentially never been so critical for a Crimson Tide team under the guidance of Nick Saban.

Texas A&M has faced two quality defenses this season in Florida and LSU. The Aggies have lost two games this season, one to Florida, and the other to LSU. Coincidence? No…

For as fruitful as the A&M offense has been, Florida was able to hold the Aggies to 17 points, while LSU limited quarterback Johnny Manziel, and the A&M offense, to 19 points.

Denard Robinson is the closest thing the Alabama defense has seen to Manziel, and it will help them come Saturday afternoon. Expect Alabama to blitz less, if any, and allow Manziel to stay in the pocket. While A&M has capable receivers, and though Manziel is a respectable passer, the Crimson Tide would much rather have “Johnny Football” being forced to make a throw, rather than being forced to run.

Physicality will be the name of the game, and Alabama, while beaten and battered courtesy of a “slobberknocker” with LSU, will have enough to prevail, but the task will be daunting, given the entire spectrum of recent events.

Once the horn sounds to conclude this contest, the “Alabama hasn’t played anyone” crowd, can officially go for a very long walk…

Alabama 31
Texas A&M 17

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