Thursday, July 19, 2012

SEC Media Days: The Saban synopsis

Alabama head coach Nick Saban addressed the media Thursday morning on the final day of SEC Media Days 2012.

As per the usual order of business, Saban began the proceedings with a general statement which touched on several issues. Those issues included, but were not limited to, the strength of the conference, the academic accomplishments of the Alabama football team, and what it takes to be successful in all aspects of football and life.

One of Saban’s more noteworthy quotes from the session came in respect to success, and what it means to share and adhere to a common goal.

“High achievers don't like mediocre people, mediocre people don't like
high achievers. So everybody has to buy into the same principles and values,” Saban said.

In all total, Saban fielded roughly 20 questions from various media members during the session. The questions were wide-ranging, and while most involved the 2012 Crimson Tide, some were of a broader spectrum which included not only conference, but national issues…including Penn State.

--Click HERE to read the full transcript--

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