Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Saban and staff receive monetary rewards

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama - Nick Saban said Monday that he plans to end his coaching career at Alabama, and if he stays through the end of a contract that has been extended two years, through the 2019 season, he will make almost $45 million.

That's an average of more than $5.6 million per year, not including bonuses such as the $400,000 he received for recently leading the Crimson Tide to its second national championship in the past three seasons.

Al.com >>> Nick Saban says he will end his coaching career at Alabama

Outside of the obvious, (the obvious being truck loads of cash) the most telling portion of the story involves Alabama offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland, and his lack of monetary gain.

Just falling short of saying “YES” at Monday’s press conference, Saban did make it clear that Stoutland’s lack of “financial expansion” was/is due to his alleged involvement in the Miami football scandal which “engulfed” the media prior to the 2011 football season.

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