Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bank Account

Guest post written by Rolf Tate

I used to get so tired of going to the bank and waiting in line to deposit a check, transfer money, or even just to check my balance. I heard that you can do all of that online now. I went to to have our internet set up. Now I can access our bank account online any time I need to. I set up online bill pay for all of our bills to make sure that all of our bills get paid on time. I can also transfer money to our savings account or to my son’s account if he needs money. My paycheck is direct deposit, so I can check to make sure that it was deposited into my account. Banking online is so much easier than having to go to the bank to do anything. They also have an app that I was able to download so I can access my bank account any time from my phone. I am so glad that we use online banking. It saves so much time.

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