Monday, February 15, 2010

College Football Rule Proposals

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The NCAA is once again looking to add and take away in respect to certain rules in college football. The rules committee has proposed various rules which if passed, will be effective during the 2010 or 2011 seasons.

One of the most notable rules proposed regards unsportsmanlike conduct being considered a live ball foul beginning in 2011.

Celebration after a score has been and will continue to be addressed as a dead-ball personal foul. However, a new rule concerning celebration while IN THE ACT of scoring would NULLIFY the score.

An example would be a long touchdown run where the player begins to celebrate and high-step PRIOR to breaking the goal line. In this case a flag would be thrown and the touchdown REMOVED and NULLIFIED! Using the aforementioned example, a personal foul would be accessed, the score removed, and the penalty would be imposed from either the original line of scrimmage or spot of the “celebration” foul.

Additional rule proposals include:

-The extension of medical hardships to include concussions. The rule simply means that if a player was sidelined very early in the season due to a serious concussion, the player in question could possibly receive a medical hardship and retain his year of eligibility.

-Eye black will no longer be a means of “message writing” effective in 2010. Bible verses, area codes, personal promotion, (etc) will no longer be allowed. Notable players such as former USC star Reggie Bush (area code), and former Florida great Tim Tebow (scriptures), are examples of what would now be considered a violation.

-In 2011 television monitors will be permitted in the press box and used by coaches. The home team must be responsible for the monitors and insure that both teams (coaches) have the same viewing abilities and capacity.

-The rule requiring a player’s pants to cover his knee at all times has been nullified.

-Proposal to eliminate an intentional wedge containing three or more receiving team players on kickoffs. This proposal is designed to make it more difficult to “plan” a return on free kicks. Multiple players will not be allowed to serve as part of a “swinging gate” or “sideline wall” on kickoffs…etc.

-Proposed discussion at the 2011 committee meeting to abridge the rules concerning blocking below the waist. The committee will meet to help clarify and possibly adjust the rule in the future.

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