Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alabama/Auburn…Recruiting War

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I wanted to take this opportunity to share some personal thoughts in respect to the Alabama/Auburn recruiting war. As of this moment (Tuesday afternoon) the Auburn Tigers are currently ranked third on Rivals.com and the Alabama Crimson Tide are fourth.

The chances are very high that Auburn will have a better nationally ranked recruiting class than Alabama, but has anyone stopped to think of the reason why?

The Alabama Crimson Tide had the top recruiting class in 2008 and 2009. In January of 2010 Alabama won the national championship. Just like the majority of any recruiting class, a good number of those athletes either do not play due to another player being a proven and efficient starter, or the new recruit is given a redshirt, and will never take the field during his first season.

The 2010 Alabama recruiting class is solid, but for the in-state rival to “brag” about surpassing the Tide in recruiting, is based upon lack of knowledge.

Alabama has a “stock pile” of talent from prior recruiting classes that have limited playing time, or in some cases, have yet to take the field. The Alabama football program is now in a position to carefully select prospects based upon need…not want.

Here is a prime example of my case. Why would Alabama need to go after the best high school running back in the nation, when ‘Bama already has Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson?

Auburn on the other hand is in reformation mode and desperately need young four and five-star talent to BUILD the program. Alabama doesn’t need to BUILD the program.

Auburn is doing what they must do given the circumstances, and Alabama is doing what they must do…given the circumstances.

When you have a “stock pile” of talent from consecutive years of top notch recruiting, you don’t need to go after the best college player at every position! Why go after the best, when you just recruited the best?

Recruiting is about building a foundation for the future, and then pushing players through the system.

Alabama put on a “full court press” in 2008 and 2009 in recruiting, and it was a catalyst in winning the national title. Alabama doesn’t need to build a
foundation…the Tide is already firmly perched on the throne.

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