Thursday, August 14, 2014

Alabama Analysis: Coker and Sims battle for QB job

Jacob Coker or Blake Sims?

The pro-style pocket passer who looks like the next big star?


The former running back turned quarterback with several years of experience in the Alabama system?

As the eyes of college football pay close attention to the most talked about quarterback battle in the nation, it won't be long before Nick Saban has to make a decision.

AJ McCarron has taken his show to the NFL, and if things continue to be as neck-and-neck as many beat writers have reported, the Crimson Tide QB job could very well be decided by the flip of a coin.

Prominent players

Jacob Coker
Blake Sims

Emerging talent

Cooper Bateman
David Cornwell (True Freshman)
Alec Morris

Departures from 2013

Luke Del Rio (Transferred)
AJ McCarron
Parker McLeod (Transferred)

While Alabama does have several talented quarterbacks on the 2014 roster, Coker and Sims are the only two viable options at this time.

Cooper Bateman, a redshirt freshman, obviously has no live game experience, while David Cornwell, though highly touted, is a true freshman whose only been in the system since January.

In respect to Alec Morris, although familiar with the system, Morris has yet to get over the hump, for whatever the reason(s). Truth be told, Morris is more likely to see the field as Alabama's punter than UA's quarterback. Because freshman kicker/punter JK Scott was not an early enrollee, Morris was the punter during the Tide's spring scrimmage, and actually worked with the punters for a brief time during the initial practice sessions of preseason camp.

With two weeks remaining until the start of the 2014 season, the Alabama quarterback situation is far from finalized, but things could be much worse. Keep in mind, 'Bama fans, we aren't that far removed from the days where the Alabama quarterback was selected based on somewhat of a "lesser of the two evils" formula.

Quality versus quality is a good problem to have.

Unit rating: 8/10

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