Friday, January 4, 2013

Alabama secondary “questioned” by ND’s Riddick

With the "countdown clock" to the BCS championship game now being recorded in mere hours, Friday morning showcased yet another media obligation for both Alabama and Notre Dame.

While the Friday session didn't seem to create as much anticipation, one Notre Dame player did manage to throw some "flavor" into the pot by creating the first "challenge" to the opposition.

When media members asked Fighting Irish running back Theo Riddick what was gained in respect to watching film of Alabama's loss to Texas A&M, Riddick was quick to note that Notre Dame can take advantage of Alabama's secondary.


While Riddick is obviously entitled to his opinion, and his confidence, the Notre Dame running back committed a "big game sin" in the process, while obviously "showcasing" his inexperience when it comes to handling a game of this magnitude. The last thing a player should do, prior to a national title contest, is "talk up" a perceived weakness by the other team.

Logic would suggest keeping "film room discoveries" within the film room, rather than question an aspect of the opposition, only to "fire them up" in the process.

Now that Riddick has potentially exposed a plan, the Notre Dame offense is now responsible for "making good" on Riddick's promise.

Good luck.

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