Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jim Brown and the “ordinary” Trent Richardson

Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown, who played for Cleveland from 1957 until 1965, was asked by ESPN radio on Thursday what he thought of the possibility of the Browns drafting Richardson in the first round.

"I'm not overwhelmed with it," Brown said. "The problem is that he's ordinary. I think he's ordinary."

When asked what about Richardson he found ordinary, Brown said, "the size, the speed, his moves." NFL legend Jim Brown calls Trent Richardson 'ordinary'

After reading Brown’s unsavory remarks, one can only hope that Mr. Brown will be watching the 2012 NFL Draft.

Word on the street is that “Mr. Ordinary” will be the first running back selected, and his name will inevitably be called within the first five picks.

Oddly enough, what Brown fails to contemplate, is that an “ordinary” Richardson would have been one of the all-time greats…had he played in Brown’s era.

Does Jim Brown actually believe what he said about Richardson? I doubt it. However, bitterness, coupled with old age, can often lead to delusion.

Needless to say, Brown’s comments, regardless of sincerity, are quite comical.

I’m sure Mr. Brown is pleased with the attention he has garnered over his remarks, considering that is probably all he ever wanted in the first place.

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